Notable News Update

Dear Parents,  
 We will be exploring our Life Skill, Cooperation, this week.  We'll be discussing and reading about ways we work together toward a common goal.
We are finishing Unit 9 in the Superkids program.   Please study the Unit 9b Spelling words: don't, over, four, won't, boy, can't, before, two, about, girl.  Additionally, please study long and short vowel spelling patterns, contractions, and compound words.
Please read p. 5, 23-33 and for Accelerated Reading all week.    Begin working on the annual PBS "Go Writers!"  Please sign and return the Writing rubric packet on Dr. Martin L. King Jr.  by Wednesday.  Also, visit your child's online portfolio on Seesaw to hear them read their paragraph.  I'm so proud of them!
We are working in Math Chapter 8 "Time & Money".  Students should be working on committing the addition and subtraction fact families 0-12 to memory. Please practice time to the half hour and recognition of coins and their value. Additionally, practice trading coins for the same value and adding money up to $1.00.  Using real money is the best way to practice these real life skills.
  • Field trip: Monday, February 25. Students will wear a complete dress up school uniform, including sweaters, and polished shoes.  NO FREE DRESS WILL BE PERMITTED.  Be sure your child has a big breakfast and a good nutritious snack on the 25th.  We will return for a later lunch.  First & Second grade students will wear crazy socks and hats on Tuesday, 2/26/19.
  • Nevada Reading Week is Feb. 25 - March 1. "Find Your Super Power....Read"
    • Due: Friday, Feb. 22- Students will draw a full size picture of themselves as a superhero on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of white paper.  They will draw themselves wearing a cape and holding the Scotland flag. Please mount the picture on construction paper and write their name and mailbox number on the back.
    • Due: Thursday, Feb. 28- Bookmark for contest and super hero cape for contest.
    • See the Home and School Connection for more information next week.
    • Book Drive: Please collect gently used and new books for donation.
  • Please check the Home and School connection each week.
  • Review nightly homework and sign/initial the Homework planner.  Your initials are part of the student homework.
  • The next book report is due the second Friday in April.
As primary educators, please be sure to check all written and colored work.  Your child's finest effort is expected at all timesThis includes homework assignments.  Thank you for your continued support. Have a wonderful week.
Sincerely yours in Christ, 
Mrs. Thomas