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I am pleased to have this opportunity to teach your child this new school year! I also wish to welcome all who are new to our school community! Working together, we will be able to make this year a successful and rewarding school year.


Curriculum emphasis is on reading comprehension, literature, inference, authors' style, drawing conclusions, symbolism, literary forms, critical thinking, writing process, grammar skills, accuracy in writing, composition writing, and creativity. Book Reports are given about once a month. These are either written, oral, art, or a combination of these types. Students are given ample time for choosing, preparing, and reading the book chosen. Students pick books from the category of reading assigned for the month, and they will need to have their choices approved by me. Students cannot pick books for their reports that they have read in previous grades. A guide form will be given for all types of book reports. In conjunction with this, the Accelerated Reader Program will also be used.


Your student must have a library book or a book from their home library in my classes each day. Please, no magazines, game/computer catalogs, comic books, trading cards, etc.). I do encourage extra at home reading (up to 30 minutes daily) be it the book-report book they are reading that month, the A.R. book, other books of their choice, magazines, newspapers, etc. Extra credit book reports are made available for the asking. Upon asking, and my approval, I will be happy to supply the written form.


Vocabulary word definitions can be found in your child's Reading spiral.  Vocabulary study is assigned in preparation for each new story.  You can help by listening to your child read these words to you , and, please discuss the meaning with them. (E.g...Give the definition of the word from the sheet in their spiral and then have them tell you the word.)  Vocabulary tests are given regularly. Also, this year, students will be using a supplemental Vocabulary series as enhancement to the required Vocabulary building curriculum.


Please refer to the "5 Ways to Study for a Story Test” included in the file below as well as in each student's Reading spiral.  Please assist them by checking to see if they are using this guide when they study for a Story Test. I usually ask you to sign Reading and Vocabulary tests. Sometimes, in individual cases, "special parent signing" is required. All of this is for your information regarding your child's progress and for assurance that you have seen the graded work. It is also another way for your child to take responsibility and be held accountable for their work. Computer access is available in my classroom for your child's use. Smart Board instruction, videos, whole group, small group, and partner discussions (both oral and written) and Thinking Maps are also part of and used in the Reading and English curriculum.


Absent work must be made up...This is very important to your child's grade. It is your child's responsibility to see me upon returning from an absence for any and all work missed during his/her absence. Students are given one day for each day absent to hand in their work. More information on our Absentee Work policy is detailed in the Parent/Student Handbook.


Please note: Your child's accuracy in sentence structure, penmanship, punctuation, spelling, capitalization, and writing in complete thoughts is a very important part of their study and is expected by me on all written assignments they complete for my classes. The "My Access" writing program will also be incorporated within the Reading Program.


If your child is not keeping up with his/her work or is having difficulty in a special area, you will be contacted by me. If you have questions, or if you need to discuss anything with me, please feel free to send a note with your child, or contact me by calling our School Office (702-647-2828) or e-mail me at I will then be happy to contact you to schedule an appointment.




Mrs. Carol Bochenczak

Teacher - Grade 6 Homeroom/Reading Grades 7-8



Please click on the link below for additional Sixth Grade classroom information and "The Five Ways To Study."