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School Overview

We, at St. Francis de Sales Catholic School, strive to educate and develop each child to his/her full potential spiritually, morally, intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially in a positive and nurturing environment. Through collaboration with the parents, the primary educators, we make every effort to develop young people dedicated by Christian service and fidelity to God, Church, Parish, and all humanity.

Through our School-wide Learning Expectations, all students will become active faith-filled Catholics who are life-long achievers, effective communicators, responsible decision makers, and culturally aware/global citizens. Consistent with this statement, St. Francis de Sales School endeavors to reach this goal by following the fundamental principles of the Church and educational practices. Knowledge of the precepts of the Church and Scripture, a love of God, and a desire to live out the Gospel message in everyday life are encouraged as life-long commitments.

Our students will understand the importance of personal discipline and concepts of ethics by learning to apply critical thinking skills to explore moral dilemmas. In addition, our teachers are committed to providing a framework for moral reasoning and ethical decision-making through an integrated curriculum. Our student-centered learning environment teaches students to treat others with respect and dignity. By focusing on problem solving and study skills, we provide our students with the opportunity to achieve proficiency using the basic tools of learning. Care is taken to develop inquiring minds with a continuing desire for knowledge about the world and its people.

St. Francis de Sales School endeavors to put into practice our philosophy by endorsing and pledging to: instill the precepts of the Church and Scripture, a love of God, and a desire to live out the Gospel message in every-day life; help students build esteem and respect for themselves and others; initiate academic and nonacademic programs and opportunities, which build self-discipline, moral reasoning, ethical decision-making, cooperation, responsibility and leadership qualities; present appropriate and challenging activities to enhance the joy of learning and employ a variety of teaching techniques in order to provide for individual abilities, differences, and learning styles; expand aesthetic awareness and appreciation of the world; develop self-confidence, good sportsmanship, and healthy habits through varied programs and physical activities.