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I am very pleased to welcome all of you to my Home Page! The following guidelines should answer most of your questions about our middle school Religion Program.
Students will maintain a Religion Journal which will include their personal responses to lessons taught, written prayer, reflections, lesson notes, vocabulary terms, and study sheets for unit tests. Written, oral, art, and technology projects will be part of regular instruction. Prayer, bible study, meditation, litanies, and prayer services are also part of our daily instruction.
Religion homework will be assigned as necessary. This will include studying for tests and quizzes. In addition, a few long range research projects will be required over the course of the school year. Of course, students will have ample time in which to complete such projects. On occasion, your student will also receive homework over the weekend. As you know, our National Junior Honor Society students post all homework assignments on our school web-site:
Maintaining a positive and disciplined environment is extremely important. Our school has high standards for proper behavior, and I will expect nothing less from these students. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and, if necessary, will result in immediate and appropriate disciplinary measures (loss of privileges and immediate notification of parents). Again, knowing these students over the years, I trust that they will continue to conduct themselves as they always do - in the most appropriate and respectful manner.

I have very high expectations for the success of our students. Please utilize Ed-line for up-to-date academic reporting - inclusive of all homework, class work, and religion journal assignments - as well as tests and quizzes.

When students return to school after an absence, they will be required to obtain any pertinent class notes and to make up all missing work within a timely manner (one day will be permitted for each day absent). It will be the student’s responsibility to check to see what has been missed - so that work can be completed and submitted for grading.
The Religion Curriculum for our middle school will focus on introducing, developing, and mastering the following core elements of our Faith:
•The Trinity
• Revelation
• Faith Life
• The Mission of The Church
• Morality
• The Sacraments
• The Kingdom of God
• Family Life
• Prayer Life
• Ethics Across the Curriculum
• Life Skills/Real Life Application
• Observances, Holy Days, and Seasons of The Church Year
• The Mysteries of The Rosary
• The Ten Commandments
• The Beatitudes
Prayer During The School Day
There are many times during the school day when we provide our students with the opportunity to make prayer an important part of their lives. Through prayer, we develop a close relationship with Jesus Christ, with God the Father, and with the Holy Spirit. In prayer, the Lord touches our hearts, leads us with His teachings, and unites us with our Faith Family. Prayer is essential for anyone growing in faith. Our goal is to help our students grow in their appreciation of prayer and to model a life of prayer for them. This year, we will commit the following prayers to memory and stress the importance of establishing regular times of prayer. We will emphasize reverence at prayer with a respectful posture, tone, and pacing when praying. In addition to traditional prayers, we will provide for a variety of prayer experiences and retreats. The following includes prayers for different times of the day.
Prayers for the beginning of day/class: Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, Morning Offering, Apostles Creed, Nicene Creed, Prayer of The Blessed Sacrament, Salute to The Blessed Sacrament, Prayer to the Holy Spirit, and Spontaneous Intercessions. Prayers before lunch: Grace Before Meals and The Angelus. Prayers after lunch: The Memorare, Grace After Meals, and The Act of Faith. Prayers at the end of the day: The Act of Contrition and Hail Holy Queen.
If you have any questions or require a meeting, I would encourage you to write, call, or e-mail - I will be certain to respond to your correspondence on the same day. Working together, as a team, we will ensure that your child becomes an independent and successful lifelong learner.
As always, your cooperation and support will be greatly appreciated. I am looking forward to working with you on behalf of your child during the course of this school year!
Mrs. Carol Wilson
Religion Teacher