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Enrolling is very easy! Our Enrollment Code for St. Francis de Sales: Please call the school office for code.


What is Scrip?  Scrip is Fundraising While You Shop®. This amazingly successful fundraising program has been working for our school for the last twenty years!  Scrip turns everyday shopping into cash for St. Francis de Sales when families use retail gift cards to pay for everyday purchases (such as gasoline, groceries, restaurants, and department stores) instead of the usual credit/debit card or cash. 


How It Works … Good news: It’s really simple!  Here are the basics of the Scrip Program: 


Families purchase retail gift cards through our scrip program at face value.


They choose from nearly 400 national retail stores where they already shop. A full list is available at


St. Francis de Sales processes your order and purchases the gift cards at 1-13% less than face value (varies by retailer).


The difference between face value and what our school pays = our earnings. 


Here’s an Example …


Mrs. Smith needs gardening supplies, so she buys a $100 Home Depot® gift card for $100 through (each family registers using the Enrollment Code for St. Francis de Sales: Please call the school office for code.  By making this one purchase, Mrs. Smith has earned $4.00 for our school because Home Depot gift cards are available through at 4% less than face value. When Mrs. Smith makes her purchases at Home Depot, she pays with her gift card instead of using cash or a credit/debit card!  She will do the same when she needs cleaning supplies at Target® and earns $2.50 just by using a $100 Target gift card to pay for her purchases.  Of course, gift cards are available in smaller denominations too.


Why Scrip is Better


A General Observation: The more we use scrip, the more profits there will be to cover the miscellaneous out-of-budget improvements and costs for our school. Other than some advanced planning, there are no costs to our families. The Scrip Program is a great way to raise additional funds for the school, without excessive tuition increases, or having to ask all of us to get involved in one labor intensive fund-raiser after another.


The benefits of using this program to place your Scrip orders include:

 1. All payments are made directly through the Raise Right application using your bank account or credit card.


 2. Taking advantage of all of the monthly specials (and higher) rebate offers.


3. Having the added options of Scrip Now and reloadable Scrip.  


4. When ordering online your orders can be filled quickly and efficiently.


5. Being able to track your rebate total at any time.


6. Most gift cards can be sent directly to your home!


Profit Distribution of Scrip


Teacher/Staff Purchases: One hundred percent (100%) of all profits made from the purchase of Scrip by the school’s teachers and/or staff members will go directly to their classes or work areas.


Parent Purchases: Twenty percent (20%) of all profits from the purchase of Scrip by parents/guardians will go directly to their children’s classroom.  This will enable teachers to update materials, equipment, plan field trips, etc. (over and above that allowed in the official tuition-supported basic school budget).


Balance of Profits: The balance of profits from all Scrip purchases will be used to acquire teaching materials and equipment, sponsor programs and activities and make physical plant improvements that are not provided for in the regular school budget. Should there ever be a significant surplus profit, it will be used to augment the school-operating budget. This will be done in a manner so that, should this source of income be lost (program discontinued by stores, etc.) it will not be necessary to make large tuition increases to compensate for the lost revenue.


Basic Requirements:


Each family is asked to provide a minimum profit of $200. from all purchases of Scrip, beginning in July and ending in June.


Buy Out (Cash):


If you choose not to participate in the Scrip program, you are asked to pay a $300 surcharge per year, which represents profits to the school from participation in the Scrip Program.


How to Purchase Scrip


Scrip is to be purchased through or the Raise Right app. Additional information regarding the Scrip program is included on the home page of our web-site.


As stated on many occasions, the Scrip program has been invaluable to our school – allowing us to purchase materials and equipment and provide many additional programs, activities, and field trip opportunities.  Over the years, Scrip has impacted the school’s operating budget and eliminated large increases in tuition fees.  Further, we have not had to ask our families to become involved in one labor intensive fund-raiser after another.  The use of Scrip merely requires advanced planning by our families.  Please remember 20% of your Scrip rebate goes directly to our children’s classrooms!