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St. Francis de Sales Volunteer Handbook

St. Francis de Sales
Volunteer Program and Handbook
Volunteers are valued members of our community and we sincerely appreciate your hard work and dedication on behalf of our children. Without volunteers, we would have a difficult time providing many of our extra programs. Giving of your time and talents adds so much to our school community. There is no job that is too small and no task that is too insignificant. May God bless you for all that you do for our children.
The Archdiocese of Las Vegas has the following requirements for all adults who are employed or who volunteer in our Catholic communities. Each volunteer must participate in Safe Environment Training:  “CMG Connect” sponsored by the Diocese of Las Vegas:  https://lasvegas.cmgconnect.org
In addition to this training, each person must be fingerprinted. All volunteers are required to read the Archdiocese of Las Vegas Volunteer Handbook, complete the Archdiocese of Las Vegas Volunteer application, and sign the acknowledgement form which can also be obtained through our School Office. All handbooks, applications, and information can be found in the Volunteer Folder of our school’s web-site.
Archdiocese of Las Vegas
Philosophy of Education for Catholic Schools
Our schools are committed to the education of children in partnership with parents who recognize that, for people of faith, the wisdom and culture transmitted by a school are enriched and put into perspective by the gospel message of Jesus.
Catholic schools strive to educate the whole person by promoting the spiritual, moral, physical and intellectual development of each student in a value centered environment.
Catholic schools challenge the unique individual abilities of each student in such a manner as to enhance self-worth and to attain academic excellence.
Catholic schools seek to motivate students to live as part of a believing community which works to serve the needs of society; to foster love of life, love of family and love of country; to enable students to embrace the plurality of cultures and creeds and to respect and reverence this plurality as a wonder of God.
Catholic schools are committed to caring leadership, competent teaching and cooperative endeavors with parents.
It is this sense of common purpose which inspires each school community to strive to meet the goals set by the Catholic Bishops of the United States. “To be communities of faith in which the Christian message, the experience of community, worship and social concern are integrated in the total experience of students, their parents and members of the faculty.” (National Catechetical Directory, 9).
Volunteer Rights
 You are a valued member of our school community.
 You have the right to be treated with the same respect as any adult staff member,
    whether paid or not.
 You have the right to worship with us.
 You have the right to the tools and information necessary to perform the tasks to which
    you are assigned.
 You have the right to ask questions and receive assistance.
    Volunteer Duties
 Volunteers are asked to arrive on time, sign in at the school office and perform the
    assigned task.
 The volunteer respects and enforces the rules.
 The volunteer remembers that the school exists for the students and treats students the
    way that Jesus would if He were a volunteer.
 The volunteer asks for instruction and assistance when needed.
 The volunteer will dress appropriately for the situation, remembering that moral values
    are part of our teaching.
 The volunteer will be a positive role model at all times.
 The volunteer will be supportive of St. Francis de Sales School.
Discipline Code
While you are performing your duties as a volunteer, please enforce all school rules, support the authority of the teachers and administration, and remember that you are a representative of St. Frances de Sales School. If there are questions about discipline, please refer them to a teacher or to the office. Please be consistent, fair and positive in all you do.
Field Trips
 All school rules are enforced.
 Chaperones are to stay with their assigned group.
 Supervision is both mental and physical. Be sure your attention is on the students.
 If you own child is on the trip, he or she must not be treated any differently than any
   other child.
 We hope you enjoy the outing, but remember your first obligation is to the students.
The following Diocesan forms must be completed prior to all field trips:
 Field Trip Parental/Guardian Consent Form and Liability Waiver
 Field Trip Questionnaire (required for ALL Volunteers donating their services for field trips)
 Field Trip Transportation Policy
 Field Trip Driver Information Sheet
Volunteer Drivers
While bus transportation is provided for all field trips, please be aware that whenever a volunteer driver is utilized, the following documents must be completed: the Driver Information Sheet, Field Trip Liability Waiver (Adult) and submit a Field Trip Questionnaire. Each driver must provide a copy of a current, valid driver’s license, which will be processed through DMV. All of the above must be accomplished prior to a volunteer participating in any event. Volunteer’s names must be recorded on the Parish/School volunteer list that is sent monthly to the Diocesan Finance Office.
Note: All drivers must be 25 years of age or older.
Playground Duty
 Please be prompt.
 Please notify us if you are unable to fulfill your assignment.
 Sign in at the office and receive your badge and playground rules.
 Be alert to any dangers or potential dangers.
 Please monitor the restrooms as well as the playground and lunch table areas.
 Please be alert to the children and roam the entire playground area.
 If you have any questions, please ask a staff member.
 Please refer to emergency procedures for student injuries.
 Please report anything unusual immediately.
Volunteers supervising children must always comply with all aspects of Diocesan policy for Volunteers before any volunteer services can be rendered.
Loyalty To Church And School
Volunteers do no just give of their time, they represent the Church and school, both to students and the larger community. When you volunteer at St. Francis de Sales, you are a representative of the school and Church. You should support the directions given by staff and administration. If you disagree with school policy, the Principal will be happy to hear your concerns and discuss them with you. Since you are serving at a Catholic school, you are expected to support the teachings of the Catholic Church, to live in a manner consistent with them, and to model the faith. Volunteer time is precious to our community and should be a positive experience for all concerned.
As a volunteer, you function in a quasi-professional position. In the course of your volunteer work, you may learn confidential information about students or teachers. You are expected to keep this information confidential in any setting inside or outside the school, just as you wish your own privacy rights to be respected. Volunteers must understand that there are times when a student’s confidence cannot be kept. The guideline is: if there is any information which, if shared with parents and/or administrators, may save someone from harm, it must be reported.
Supervision of Volunteers
The Principal is responsible for the operation of the school, thus, the Principal supervises all who serve in any capacity in the school.