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Dear Parents,

I am looking forward to a great year in the Technology Center! The students will experience hands-on instruction utilizing the computer as a tool for school and personal purposes.

At each grade level, the students will learn to use the software to operate the computer as well as programs used to support instruction in the core subject areas.

Course Goals include:
 Demonstrate understanding of the St. Francis de Sales Technology Agreement
 To know and be able to apply common computer terminology
 To identify the major components of a computer system
 To utilize the computer as a tool for information(file) management
 To understand the purpose of correct keyboarding technique
 To use appropriate commands for running available software
 To practice and demonstrate safe use of the Internet

In an effort to create a more conducive learning environment for students, it is important for all students to follow school and classroom rules and procedures.
We have three basic classroom rules:
1. Respect yourself, others, and property
2. Contribute to the learning environment
3. Follow school and classroom procedures

Again, it is my pleasure to work with the students of St. Francis de Sales School. Please feel free to contact me any time if you have any questions. The best method to contact me is email at or through the school’s website. You can also call the school office.

Mrs. Elder